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We do what we can to answer questions we think our listeners have or think they need to know to be successful or avoid pitfalls when investing in Chicago. That doesn't mean we cover everyone’s questions so ask us. We want to provide answers to our listeners!

If you have a question there is a good chance there are thousands of others that have the same question or would be curious about the answer to your question. We do know alot about Chicago and real estate investing and if we don't have the answer to your question we have the network that does. When you ask, we will answer!!

So ask us anything and we’ll do our best to answer your question on the air, in a blog, or with a direct reply back.

The fine print (sorry, but we have to):
Answers provided by Mark & Tom are intended as ideas and information. Even though such answers may be obtained from qualified professionals, they should never be construed as professional advice. Mark & Tom are not lawyers, financial planners, investment advisors, or accountants. Before you take any action or risk any money, you should always check with your own qualified professional advisors.

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