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Episode 300: 300th Episode Celebration - Answers To Burning REI Questions Amongst Chicago Investors with Mark and Tom

Straight Up Chicago Investor Podcast celebrates its 300th Episode! To celebrate the huge milestone, Mark and Tom answer questions from guests on all things Chicago REI!

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03:55 How to maximize rent in a hot market?

08:00 Biggest wins and losses in REI!

18:19 Changing REI strategies to promote progression!

21:00 BRRRR’ing single-family homes vs multifamily rentals.

24:03 Advice letter from your 20-year-old self!

26:16 Brick vs Frame Buildings.

31:15 Pros and Cons of CHA Tenants.

35:12 Chicago’s new “Express Permit”.

37:56 Best property management software.

39:55 Is rental arbitrage worth it?

42:45 Build-to-Rent in Chicago!

45:07 Managing security deposits.


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Guest Name: Mark Ainley and Tom Shallcross

Guest Company: Straight Up Chicago Investor

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