Episode 103: How to Handle Mold in Chicago with Greg Bukowski and Devin Renberg


MOLD! It’s the scary four-letter word that investors never want to hear and it does not belong in a healthy property. However, a basic understanding of mold and its misconceptions in the marketplace will make you a better investor. 

After having a bad experience with a mold company, investor Greg Bukowski saw a need in the market and made it his mission to assist similar investors with mold issues. In today’s episode, Greg and Devin explain what causes mold, why the Chicago market is ripe for mold problems, and how to analyze and tackle mold issues small or large. 

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Get ready for winter, avoid frozen pipe lines. 01:20 

Why I love being in the mold business 10:23  

Key conditions for mold to grow 15:18 

How do you know if there is mold behind the drywall?18:36 

Protect yourself before buying mold issues 19:52

What is the root cause of Mold in Chicago or the Midwest? 22:28

Is it smart to use a store bought mold kit? 24:34

The relation between humidity and mold 26:54

How can I prevent mold in Chicago garden apartments 31:13

Good news..it isn't always mold! 33:01

Difference between black mold & regular mold? 35:02 

What to say as a Chicago landlord when mold is reported by a tenant 39:45

What makes a great mold vendor in Chicago? 43:54

One specific piece of advice you would tell someone that is yet to buy their first property here in the Chicagoland area. 45:26 

That’s our show! Thanks for listening! 

Guest NameGreg Bukowski and Devin Renberg

Guest CompanyMoldman Chicago & St. Louis

Guest Linkwww.moldmanusa.com

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