Episode 106: Restoring Pilsen’s Old World Architecture Since 1998 with Gordy Payne


From toilets falling through ceilings, to gentrification, Gordy Payne has seen it all as a hands-on owner in Pilsen. Gordy took a chance on Pilsen due to its proximity to downtown and made a name for himself for his ability to restore beautiful vintage buildings. He fully committed to the community, and for this, the community has treated him well.   

Gordy provides a summarized oral history of Pilsen over the last two decades while pointing out rehab gotchas, investor nuggets, and local street-level nuances that all investors new or experienced can learn from. 

Tune in, get inspired, and learn something new.....and then leave us that review :) 

04:30 City Of Chicago will fine you if you don't shovel your sidewalks!

07:18 What was the Neighborhood of Pilsen like in the 1990s?

10:59 What makes Pilsen residents so protective over their neighborhood?

13:28 Why was Pilsen attractive to investors in the early 2000s?

17:51 What is unique about the construction in Pilsen that Chicago investors need to plan for?

23:08 -What makes Pilsen floor plans unique?

24:22 What are potential tenant expectations in Pilsen, Chicago?

26:23 What year did Pilsen really start to turn into a neighborhood?

28:16 What does new construction look like in Pilsen?

33:54 What is the difference between the neighborhood Heart Of Chicago and Pilsen?

36:35 How has the City Of Chicago supported change in Pilsen?

38:33 Secret to success for Landlords in Pilsen.

44:44 What is your competitive advantage? 

45:50 One Piece of Advice

46:47 What do you do for fun? 

47:11 Self Development activity? 

48:09 Local Network Recommendation? 

That’s our show! Thanks for listening!

Guest NameGordy Payne

Guest CompanyPilsen Apts LLC

Guest Mailpilsenapts@gmail.com

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