Episode 112: Spotting Chicago Development Trends and Opportunities with Chicago Cityscape’s Casey Smagala and Steven Vance


So what happened in the Chicago real estate market in 2021 and where are we headed in 2022? Our guests today, Casey Smagala and Steven Vance both of Chicago Cityscape, are here to share data you won’t want to miss. 

Casey and Steven explain how their data aggregation software allows them to efficiently analyze neighborhoods and identify paths of progress. They present which areas in Chicago with planned developments that they are bullish on, and also provide insight on Additional-Dwelling Units (ADUs) and how the Pilot Program has unfolded since its inception. Casey and Steven close by providing their outlook on Chicago Real Estate and explain how the fundamentals to continuing growing are in place!

Tune in to learn how Chicago Cityscape can help you save time and give you a competitive advantage when researching your next project!

02:20 House Provider Tip: Ensure that tenants’ holiday decorations are being taken down and cleaned up in a timely manner!

05:20 What is Chicago Cityscape and who uses the software?

06:20 What is the advantage of using Cityscape?

08:15 What areas in Chicago saw the highest increases in sales and development in 2021?

11:15 Were Casey and Steven able to foresee any trends given available data?

12:30 What were the biggest surprises in 2021 after reviewing the data and what are the implications of converting a non-conforming unit into an Additional-Dwelling Unit (ADU)?

18:22 What areas in Chicago still have room to grow?

22:15 What are overlooked data points when trying to find hidden value in properties?

25:18 How did the 5 ADU pilot areas get selected?

28:55 Is Cityscape beneficial to smaller investors or who can benefit from Cityscape?

30:52 Overall, do you see Chicago continuing to trend positively given development data?

36:45 What competitive advantage does Cityscape provide?

37:10 One piece of advice for new investors.

37:36 What do you do for fun?

39:10 Good book, podcast, or self development activity that you would recommend? 

40:55 Local Network Recommendation?

42:25 How can we learn more about you?


Guest Name: Casey Smagala and Steven Vance

Guest Company: Chicago Cityscape

Guest Linkhttps://www.chicagocityscape.com/index.php

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