Episode 113: Refugee Tenant Placement in Chicago With World Relief Organization (WRO)


World Relief Organization (WRO) Chicagoland is a humanitarian organization whose focus is to aid refugees and immigrant families in finding housing and rebuilding their lives in Chicago. As a Chicagoland housing provider, there is not only good that you can do by partnering with WRO, but you can also benefit from a stream of applicants with specified subsidies. 

Today WRO’s own Susan Sperry and Nathan White talk about the organization’s mission, services, challenges with resettling families, and how others can provide value to WRO. It’s easy to focus on goals that serve our own needs, but our guests share great ways that investors and landlords can help a bigger cause while sustaining a profitable business.

Listen in to learn how WRO is providing tremendous value to refugees and how it may tie into your business goals. 

01:51 House Provider Tip: Submit an FOIA request as part of your due diligence during the buying process.

03:50 Quick background on Susan and Nathan and how they ended up on the podcast.

06:20 Who is the World Relief Organization (WRO) and what is their mission?

08:28 What are the services that WRO provides?

10:21 What large refugee surges have there been in Chicagoland recently and historically?

12:55 How are refugees chosen to resettle in Chicago?

14:48 How can investors and housing providers be of assistance to WRO?

16:15 Why aren’t more landlords contacting WRO to fill vacancies and what are the challenges when trying to find housing for refugees?

21:58 Is there any specific type of housing or location that WRO is searching for? 

25:10 How is WRO helping refugees with education?

29:12 What are other ways that listeners can provide value to WRO?

31:26 What is the typical housing size that WRO is searching for and how is WRO funded?

32:18 What is the competitive advantage of WRO?

33:07 One piece of advice for anyone looking to work with WRO.

33:40 What do you do for fun?

34:13 Good book, podcast, or self development activity that you would recommend? 

34:51 Local Network Recommendation?

35:25 How can we learn more about you?

 Guest Name: Susan Sperry and Nathan White

Guest Company: World Relief Organization Chicagoland

Guest Linkhttps://worldrelief.org/chicagoland

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