Episode 142: Generating Infinite ROI From Chicagoland Senior Living Investing with Brandon Schwab


Wondering how you can invest in a niche asset class to reduce your competition? Brandon Schwab talks about how he is revolutionizing the Chicagoland Senior Living space and making it a very profitable investment.

Brandon starts off by talking about his motivation to improve the Senior Living experience and the pitfalls he faced when starting out. He dives deep into the acquisition, rehab, and management of these Senior Living homes. He comments on the nuances of zoning, permitting, and appraisals on this asset class. on the volatility in the market and looks back on how the pandemic shaped what is happening today. Brandon also gives an impactful outlook on Senior Housing as an investment including how the pandemic changed the industry and has uncovered the need for high quality Senior Housing providers!

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03:30 House Provider Tip: Be aware of the Chicago Heat Ordinance that is still applicable even as the weather heats up!

04:50 Intro to our guest, Brandon Schwab!

06:50 What is a high-level overview of Brandon’s Senior Living Homes business?

08:17 How did Brandon come up with his business idea?

12:49 What would be the first steps to start investing in Assisted Living Homes?

17:33 What are some of the pitfalls when getting started?

21:30 What do the rehabs of these Assisted Living homes consist of?

25:28 What does the on-going management look like?

27:57 How are these properties appraised?

33:12 What is Brandon’s outlook on the Assisted Living Homes industry?

35:55 What are the Zoning and Permitting requirements for these types of properties?

37:19 Does the Village or Town that the property is in impact the requirements?

38:15 What are the financing/funding options for these properties?

40:57 How has Brandon overcome challenges in this niche space? 

42:13 What is the one piece of advice for new investors looking to buy their first property in Chicago?

43:40 What do you do for fun?

44:18 Good book, podcast, or self development activity that you would recommend? 

45:59 Local Network Recommendation?

46:45 How can the listeners learn more about you and provide value to you?

That’s our show! Thanks for listening!


Guest Name: Brandon Schwab

Guest Company: Shepherd Premier Senior Living

Guest LinkShepherd Premier Senior Living

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