Episode 178: Rising Rates, 2/1 Buydowns, and The Foreseeable Future of Investing and Lending with Rock Star Lender (and Drummer!) Sam Sharp


Sam Sharp has over 20 years experience in the Mortgage Industry and joins us to discuss rising interest rates.

Sam begins by talking about his vast experience in the mortgage industry and the lending environment during the last housing crash. He shares tips that have helped him be a top-producing loan originator and provides advice for professionals trying to build their brand. Sam gives his take on the million-dollar question: WHERE ARE RATES GOING AND IS NOW A GOOD TIME TO BUY?! He explains interest rate buy-downs as a strategy that can benefit both buyers and sellers. Sam closes by talking about his approach to investing and how it has worked out for him!

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03:00 Housing Provider Tip: Be sure your floor drains are free of debris to avoid flooding!

05:12 Intro to our guest, Sam Sharp!

06:38 Sam talks about his start in real estate!

11:30 How does Sam succeed and do business with integrity in an industry where many others do not operate with integrity?

13:50 Sam talks about the lending environment during the last housing crash.

23:13 What advice would Sam give to real estate professionals trying to build their brand?

26:32 Where are interest rates going and is now a good time to buy?

 36:20 Sam explains interest rate buy-downs!!

47:58 How can investors and other real estate professionals leverage rate buy-downs?

52:50 Sam talks about his investing strategy!

56:42 What is Sam’s competitive advantage? 

57:05 One piece of advice for new investors.

57:44 What do you do for fun?

58:08 Good book, podcast, or self development activity that you would recommend? 

59:30 Local Network Recommendation?

60:05 How can the listeners learn more about you and provide value to you?

That’s our show! Thanks for listening!


Guest Name: Sam Sharp 

Guest Company: Guaranteed Rate

Guest Linkhttps://people.rate.com/sam-sharp-224518

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