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Episode 217: Building Relationships with Community Banks - Insights from Chicagoan Kevin Greer on the Lending Market and Investor Strategies

Kevin Greer joins us to break down Community Banks, Commercial Lending, and the State of the Lending Market!

Kevin jumps right in by speaking to the state of the lending market and defines both Regional Banks and Community Banks. You’ve likely heard the following question before and Kevin provides a response to: How to Build a Relationship with a Community Bank? He shares how his investor mindset and strategy has changed throughout his years of investing. Kevin closes the show out with his outlook on the lending market and how investors should be preparing!

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03:02 Housing Provider Tip: Monitor temperature on boiler buildings as the weather warms up!

05:32 Intro to our guest, Kevin Greer!

08:15 Kevin discusses the state of the lending market! 

10:04 Ins and outs of a Community Bank. 

14:15 How to build a relationship with a Community Bank?

21:32 How do banks stay afloat when business slows? 

22:43 How has Kevin’s investing mindset changed over the years? 

26:32 Where in Chicago is Kevin seeing the most real estate activity? 

32:18 DSCR and commercial loan underwriting!

41:32 Kevin’s outlook on the lending market.

45:45 What is Kevin’s competitive advantage?

46:08 One piece of advice for new investors. 

46:35 What do you do for fun?

47:01 Good book, podcast, or self development activity that you would recommend?

48:14 Local Network Recommendation? 

49:05 How can the listeners learn more about you and provide value to you?

Guest Name: Kevin Greer

Guest Company: Bank Financial


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