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Episode 277: The Chicago Investor Playbook Against Pests with Janelle Iaccino

Janelle Iaccinio is Rose Pest Solutions’ Marketing Director and Chicago’s “Bug Girl”!

Janelle starts with the history of Rose Pest Solutions which dates back to the Abraham Lincoln era! She dives deep on rats, roaches, and bedbugs including common causes and practices to control them. Janelle mixes in a couple of pest horror stories and debunks pest myths! Throughout the show, Janelle emphasizes the importance of taking pests seriously to prevent larger-scale problems in your properties!

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02:16 Housing Provider Tip - Ensure your properties are tightly sealed to prevent pest issues.

03:12 Intro to our guest, Janelle.

06:30 The History of Rose Pest Solutions!

11:36 The Infamous Chicago Rat Imprint!

15:08 The 101 on Rats.

27:36 Ins and Outs on Roaches.

36:27 Dealing with Bedbugs.

48:45 Pest Myths Debunked!

54:31 What is Janelle’s competitive advantage?

54:58 One piece of advice for new investors.

55:41 What do you do for fun?

56:43 Good book, podcast, or self-development activity that you would recommend?

57:14 Local Network Recommendation?

58:03 How can the listeners learn more about you and provide value to you?


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