Episode 32: The Streets and Boulevards of Logan Square and Its Surrounding Neighborhoods with Luke Blahnik


Luke Blahnik of Flor Blahnik, is a true real estate entrepreneur (and owner of Avondale Bowl!). In this episode, Luke provides block by block insights investors need to know to successfully invest in Logan Square. He explains what attracted him to the area as well as the future prospects for growth despite the massive run up over the past 10 years. Luke dives into tenant expectations, rehab expectations, demand as it relates to Boulevard proximity, and the long-term value of brick buildings and oversized lots. Luke also breaks down surrounding neighborhoods and provides his thoughts on the future of Avondale, specifically around the Blue Line stops. Like what you hear? Please take the 5 second to leave us a review. 


Landlord tip of the week 2:40

Guest Intro

How did you get started in Logan Square? 8:30

Is there still growth in Logan after this 10 year run? 11:30

Has there been any upsizing of buildings in Logan? 13:50

What are some things an investor should be looking for at an investment? 15:05

How has the 606 played into the investment thesis of logan square? 18:00

What are your opinions on 2 unit frame buildings staying as rentals? 20:25

Do you think the growth of Logan Square will go west into Hermosa and Belmont-Craigin? 22:45

What are things I should look for if I’m new in Avondale or northwest neighborhoods? 25:40

How are you able to find deals in today’s market where things are getting multiple offers? 29:40

Is there any difference between the California or Logan blue line stops? 33:10

How does COVID affect somewhere like Logan Square which is so tied to access to transit? 35:40

Wrap Up:

What is your competitive advantage? 37:00

What is one piece of advice you’d give a new investor in Chicago? 38:20

What do you do for fun in Logan Square? 39:10

What’s a good self development activity? 40:20

Besides yourself, name one person in your network you’d recommend? 41:47

How can we learn more about you? 43:10


Guest Name: Luke Blahnik 

Guest Company: Flora Blahnik

Guest Link: Flora | Blahnik







Luke Blahnik’s cell (312)576-6118

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lukeblahnik/?hl=en

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