Episode 33: Block by Block in Bronzeville and Kenwood with Ted Stratman


Are you interested in multifamily buildings in the southside of Chicago? Are you looking to know the ins and outs of Bronzeville along with some of its adjacent neighborhoods? Ted Stratman is one of the leading brokers in Chicago and in this episode he lays out invaluable block by block knowledge - including what rents have done over the last twelve months, how demand in Bronzeville and its surrounding area has fared through COVID, and what types of opportunities are available in specific sub-markets. Listen in and hear more from Ted Stratman. If you like what you hear, hit that subscribe button and share this with a friend!


Landlord tip of the week 4:50

Guest Intro 7:50

Any insight in what the south loop multifamily market looks like in the next few years? 8:50

How have rents in your neighborhoods fared in the last twelve months? 12:05

What are the geographic boundaries to Kenwood and why would an investor look there? 13:07

What’s the housing stock in Kenwood like? 15:20

Can you talk about the multifamily housing in Bronzeville and the housing stock there? 18:30

Are you seeing value add opportunities in Bronzeville?20:55

What are ARV’s like on the slight value add projects? 22:15

Has there been any new developments near 43rd and the green line? 28:00

What are the opportunities around 47th and 51st corridor 28:47

What would a 500K investment mean in your neighborhoods? 33:25

What kinds of redevelopments have you seen in the last 10 years that have transformed the area? 35:30

How do you think COVID will affect Bronzeville? 38:40

Are there any nuances I should be aware of if you’re doing a rehab in Bronzeville? 40:00

What’s different in transactions today than when you started? 40:55

Any other areas you like in the southside? 42:40


Guest Name: Ted Stratman 

Guest Company: Interra Realty

Guest Link: https://interrarealty.com/team/tstratman/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/interrarealty/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/interrarealty/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/interra-realty-llc/

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