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Episode 35: Diving into Belmont Cragin, North Austin, and the Northwest Side Building Coalition with Jon Womack

Jon Womack of Third City Properties has been investing in the Chicago market for four years focusing on the northwest neighborhoods of Belmont Cragin and North Austin. Jon dives into what the investment landscape looks like in these areas, including tenant expectations of finishes and his general investment strategies. One of the key differentiators for Jon is his involvement in local neighborhood coalitions. Jon heads up the Northwest Side Building Coalition and is also an active member of the NBOA. Jon lays out several Chicago neighborhood coalitions that you can participate in to help move your neighborhood forward. 

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Landlord tip of the week 2:25

Guest Intro 6:00

What neighborhoods are you focused on in Chicago? 7:50

Why Belmont Cragin 8:50

What’s different in Belmont Cragin since when you started in 2016? 10:45

What’s the housing stock like in Belmont Cragin? 12:45

What are tenant expectations on finishes in this area? 14:25

What’s your strategy in the Belmont Cragin area and what should a prospective investor be looking out for? 16:00

How do you do the financing on a place that is gradually renovated? 17:30

How do rental rates change as you move across the Belmont area? 19:15

What opportunities do you see in North Austin? 21:00

Can you walk us through the community groups you’re involved with? 28:40

What drove you to be so involved in the community? 33:20

Wrap Up

What’s your competitive advantage? 36:30

What is one piece of advice you’d give a new investor in Chicago? 37:08

What do you do for fun? 38:00

What’s a good self development activity you’d recommend? 38:15

Who would you recommend as a quality resource? 38:35

How can we learn more about you? 39:20

That’s our show! Thanks for listening!


Guest Name: Jon Womack

Guest Company: Third City Properties

Guest Link:

Show notes:

Northwest Side Housing Center

AAABNA | The Austin African American Business Networking Association Inc. | Chicago IL

HOME | Nonviolence Chicago

Uptown United: Home

Rogers Park Builders Group

Northwest Side Building Coalition

Know Your Rights: Fair Notice Ordinance

Home - Drexel Properties LLC

The Wilcox Company

Joseph J. Wilcox - Chicago, IL Real Estate Agent |®

Neighborhood Building Owner's Alliance – A Voice for Chicago's Building Owner's

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