Episode 53: CHA Section 8 Roundtable - Part 1


Many fear what they don’t understand. That’s exactly why we put together this round table discussion with two other great CHA section 8 property managers. Listen in as we address the entire workflow from screening the applicants, to the move in, and everything that happens in between. Section 8 can be a great investment strategy, but it’s imperative you understand how it works...ESPECIALLY in a city like Chicago. If you learned something today, please leave us a review and share us with a friend. Enjoy the episode!

Jared, How do you respond to questions about accepting section 8 tenants? 9:00

Screening section 9:40

Eric, how do you screen section 8 tenants? 9:40

How do you account for utility costs with section 8? 11:20

Rent burden worksheet collection 14:40

How do extra costs like pets or garage get accounted for? 17:25

Paperwork question section 21:25

Best practices for submitting paperwork to the CHA? 22:30

Inspection section 30:45

What are some best practices for inspection day? 31:30

What are some common fails on the initial inspection that can be avoided? 34:30

What are “emergency fails”? 44:00

What is rent abatement? 44:50

What is the typical timeline of a section 8 tenant? 49:00

What is the mobility program? 51:30

What is one piece of advice you’d tell someone who has never purchased sec 8? 53:44

What do you do for fun? 54:50

What is a good self development activity you’d recommend? 55:20

Who is one person you’d recommend? 56:20

That’s our show! Thanks so much for listening!


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