Episode 59: Chicago’s Very Own Cost Segregation Expert - Kevin Cawley


The word taxes inspires fear from all types of investors, but especially in Chicago. From income tax, to property tax, we’re paying a lot. Depreciation is one of Real Estate’s greatest benefits, and there is a way to maximize that benefit immediately. Cost Seg Kev is here today to explain what cost segregation is and how it can be used to offset your tax liability. If you’re not trying to save hundreds of thousands of dollars from here on out, well, this isn’t the episode for you. Listen in and if you learned something, please share us with someone who can also benefit.

How did you get started? 6:00

What is depreciation? 10:00

What asset classes depreciate at 39% vs 27.5%?

What is the benefit of cost segregation to an investor? 15:15

What kinds of things are broken out for smaller multifamily? 16:30

Is this right for everyone? 19:45

Is there a minimum threshold for when this makes sense? 23:45

How does the pricing structure for cost segregation studies work? 27:00

What are questions someone should ask when getting a cost seg offering? 33:00

What has been your competitive advantage? 35:25

What is one piece of advice you’d give? 36:40

What do you do for fun? 37:30

Self development recommendation? 38:00

Network Recommendation? 38:45

How can we learn more about you? 40:00

That’s our show, thanks so much for listening! Tune in next week!


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