Episode 65: Figuring Out the Short Sale Process and Other Non-Traditional Closes with Gina Diaz


One of the most important team members that real estate investors rely on is their attorney. Not all closings are created equal and Gina Diaz explains some of the closing nuances both through the eyes of an attorney and as an investor. Gina provides great insights into how to successfully close on a short sale, what to be aware of in a double close, and how to work with a title company and attorney to successfully wholesale a deal. Tune in as you are sure to learn something in today’s episode.

What drew you to investing in real estate? 7:00

What is a short sale? 9:30

How is the final price determined in a short sale? 10:15

Is the closing process different for short sales versus traditional closings? 12:00

Are short sales expected to increase in frequency? 15:00

What are the nuances with buying short sales? 16:45

What are some ways for an investor to evaluate a wholesale property? 21:30

Challenges you’ve seen during closings? 31:00

What is We Win? 35:30

What is your competitive advantage? 39:15

Advice for new investors? 40:00

What do you do for fun? 40:50

Self development activity? 41:15

Network recommendation? 42:20

How can we learn more about you? 42:45

That’s our show! Thanks for tuning in again and looking forward to next week’s episode!


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