Episode 74: Investing for Intergenerational Wealth in Evanston with Jaimie Steinher of Essex Realty


With the Lake, a world-class University, and a plethora of transportation, Evanston is an extremely attractive and diverse marketplace for many investors. Jaimie Steinher of Essex Realty exclusively covers Evanston, and provides on the ground insights to help you navigate the different pockets of the city. Jamie lays out cap rates, average rents, and tenant expectations in an episode packed with tangibl takeaways. If you like what you hear, please take the ten seconds to leave us a review and share with a friend who should be investing in Evanston.

Guest Intro and background. 6:14

High-level overview of Evanston 7:35

Velocity in Evanston 8:37

Different pockets of Evanston 9:32

Student-housing transactions 12:45

Effect of COVID on Evanston  13:40

General cap rates and other metrics in Evanston 15:55

Northwestern’s workforce as a tenant-base 23:02

Public transportation in Evanston 24:50

Evanston “gotchas” 27:13

Housing stock in Evanston 28:18

Thriving in a male dominated field 30:00

What is your competitive advantage? 32:14

What is one piece of advice to someone who has yet to buy their first property in Evanston?  33:18

What do you do for fun? 34:05

Self-development recommendation 34:48

Network recommendation 36:08

How can we learn more about you? 37:30


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