Episode 85: Bigger Pockets Host and Expert Investor David Greene Visits Straight Up Chicago Investor


Nationally-recognized real estate rockstar David Greene of Bigger Pockets and Keller Williams holds nothing back! David provides his thoughts on the BRRRR strategy and dissuades the myths around equity as a cushion. David also covers the buyer/investor relationship, houssehacking as a cheat code, and why you need to start pushing over dominos to build your empire. Please enjoy today’s episode and if you like what you hear, leave us a review and share us with a friend. 

David Greene’s favorite of his books? 6:00

Questions investors should be asking agents? 10:00

Are you expecting inflation to increase over time? 26:30

BRRRR. 35:00

What price points does BRRRR work best with? 40:30

What’s next? 55:30

What is your competitive advantage? 1:00:00

Advice? 1:04:30

What do you do for fun? 1:06:00

Self Development? 1:07:30

Recommendations? 1:10:05

How can we learn more about you? 1:11:00

That’s our show! Thanks so much!

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Guest Name: David Greene 

Guest Company: Keller Williams

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