Episode 92: From Student/Tenant to 1,200 Units in Hyde Park


What’s your unit goal? Is it 20...maybe 50? Well today’s guest explains how his company amassed 1200 units solely in Hyde Park, (not including their north side portfolio). Nick Hollenkamp drops street-level advice on the different corridors of Hyde Park along with his ten year forecast for the neighborhood. 

Nick provides great soundbits on why you should never fully give up on a deal, which pockets of Hyde Park present opportunities for smaller sized investors, the benefits of student housing, and why it’s important to develop strategic relationships. 

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Guest intro. 6:00

Hyde Park Introduction. 9:00

600 unit deal breakdown. 11:15

How can smaller players get into hyde park? 14:20

10 year forecast? 16:00

Finish level and rental rate? 20:15

Concerns around COVID and university housing? 26:45

Competitive advantage 34:30

Advice? 35:00

What do you do for fun? 36:00

Self Development? 37:00

Network recommendation? 37:30

How can we learn more about you? 38:00

That’s our show, thanks so much for tuning in! See you next week.


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Guest Name: Nick Hollenkamp

Guest Company: Pioneer Acquisitions LLC

Guest Linkhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/nickhollenkamp/

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