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Episode 94: CICs New Leader Takes Chicago Housing To New Level

The Community Investment Corp, or the CIC, has been a stalwart in Chicago since the 1970s and has reinvented the way owners can create affordable housing units for their communities. Stacie Young was just recently appointed the new President and CEO and she has lots of plans in the works. Today she comes to us to discuss the various ways investors can interact with the CIC, what the preservation compact is and how it is preserving affordable housing, how emergency rental assistance will unfold and whether or not it will be sticking around. Stacie also provides tremendous advice on how to get tax incentives from the city and so much more. If you like today’s episode, share us with a friend and leave a 5 star review!

What is affordable housing? 6:00

How do ADUs affect affordable housing? 7:20

What is the preservation compact? 11:15

Emergency rental assistance overview? 18:15

Tax incentive programs? 24:25

New neighborhood programs? 32:30

How can new investors get involved with CIC? 36:45

What’s next for you? 39:00

Competitive advantage? 40:00

Advice for a new investor? 41:30

What do you do for fun? 42:00

How can we learn about you? 43:15

That’s our show! Thank you so much and tune in next week!

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Guest Name: Stacie Young

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