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Episode 97: Chicago Permits and Zoning 101 with Samuel Pavlovcik

Samuel Pavlovcik is a distinguished self-certified architect who specializes in working with investors in Chicago and the surrounding villages and suburbs. Today Samuel walks us through the different permits in Chicago, the nuances of Chicago’s permitting process, and also what to expect when applying for a zoning variance.  Samuel presents a candid overview consisting of expected wait times, gotchas to avoid, and what investors need to know and provide based on his experience of processing 100+ permits per year. Samuel provides a ton of valuable information that can set you up for success and minimize your headaches when dealing with the city. 

Referenced zoning cheat sheet -

How did you get into architecture? 6:00

Intro to Chicago permit process? 8:00

What does it take to be self certified? 9:45

Why would someone not get self certified? 11:30

What action always requires full plans and permits? 14:50

Differences in zoning categories? 22:30

How to get a zoning change? 27:15

Why is RM-5 beneficial to an investor? 29:50

What is Floor Area Ratio? 31:30

How does the ADU ordinance benefit investors and what is the process like? 34:30

What is your competitive advantage? 40:00

Advice for new investors? 41:15

What do you do for fun? 41:45

Self Development activity? 42:10

Local Network Recommendation? 43:15

That’s our show! Thanks for listening!


Guest Name: Samuel Pavlovcik

Guest Company: Pavlovcik Architecture


Contact: 630-802-0897


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