Episode 98: What is Happening to Chicago Property Taxes?


As this episode airs, several of the Chicago townships have already been reassessed, leaving many owners with an unpleasant increase in property taxes. Returning guest Tim Jacobs of KSN Law (appeal.tax), joins us to discuss what he’s seen in the Chicago townships that have been reassessed, and what he feels will happen in several townships about to be reassessed. Tim walks through the basics of how to look up your assessed value, calculate your taxes, and most importantly how to appeal your property taxes. Tim explains the appeal process, what data you can use to your advantage, and how to leverage a professional if you choose to engage one. 

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Understanding tax data 5:00

How have different townships been affected in Chicagoland? 9:15

How vacancy can change your tax assessment. 17:30

Do non paying tenants affect tax assessments? 24:00

What is your competitive advantage? 37:15

Advice for a new investor? 38:00

What do you do for fun? 39:00

Self development activity? 39:45

Network recommendation? 40:30

How can we learn more about you? 41:00

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Guest Name: Tim Jacobs

Guest CompanyAppeal.tax

Guest Linkhttps://appeal.tax/about

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