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Episode 271: Exploring Some of Chicago’s Premier Neighborhoods with Vikas Wadhwa

Vikas Wadhwa is a top producing real estate broker with a focus on architecture and modern design in Chicago’s Premier Neighborhoods!

Vikas shares his start in real estate back in 2006 and how he’s been able to grow his business to become a top producing broker. Vikas gets granular on Lincoln Park; defining the boundaries, desirable blocks, and investment opportunities in the neighborhood. He provides insight on West Town including the differences between the different pockets of sub-neighborhoods. The West Loop and reassessed property tax bills are also discussed. In this episode, Vikas demonstrates his deep knowledge of the neighborhoods he works and emphasizes the importance of knowing your craft to be successful!

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02:36 Housing Provider Tip - Ensure that communication with tenants is kept professional!

04:10 Intro to our guest, Vikas Wadhwa! 

07:44 Changing to Real Estate as a Career Path!

11:44 The 101 of Lincoln Park!

19:37 Getting listings in Lincoln Park and other higher price point areas.

21:26 Breaking down West Town!

24:47 Pricing across West Town.

28:00 The Rise of the West Loop!

30:33 Opportunities west of the United Center.

35:55 Forecasting Reassessed Property Values and Tax Bill.

38:05 The Real Estate Brokerage Industry and Potential Changes!

40:58 Vikas's outlook on Chicago!

43:14 What is Vikas's competitive advantage?

43:44 One piece of advice for new investors.

44:10 What do you do for fun?

44:31 Good book, podcast, or self-development activity that you would recommend?

44:55 Local Network Recommendation?

45:26 How can the listeners learn more about you and provide value to you? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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