Episode 80: Real Estate Investing 101 in Naperville with Josh Mitchell


From the downtown riverwalk, to larger lots and Suburban living, Naperville is a diverse market drenched with opportunity. Today’s guest, Josh Mitchell, has carved out his niche as the go to guy in the area, acting as both an investor and a broker for Re/Max in Naperville. In this episode, Josh answers some FAQs for people thinking about going down a similar career trajectory and explains the nuances involved within the Naperville sub markets. If you like what you hear today, please give us a 5 star review and share us with a friend!

Guest introduction 5:40

Why did you get your real estate license? 6:50

What should you consider when choosing where to hold your license? 7:45

When did you get your real estate license? 8:45

Naperville housing stock? 10:00

Naperville area dividing lines? 13:00

Benefits and downsides to condo and townhome investing? 14:00

Rental rates in the Naperville area? 18:45

How do you find properties in this area? 24:30

What are some areas around Naperville that you also see opportunity? 26:45

What are the last effects of Covid from Naperville? 28:30

What is your competitive advantage? 30:15

Advice for a new investor? 30:45

What do you do for fun? 31:20

Self development tools you’d recommend? 31:30

Network recommendation? 32:10

How can we learn more about you? 32:50

That’s our show! See you next week!

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Guest Name: Josh Mitchell 

Guest Company: Re/Max

Guest Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josh-mitchell-86178a52

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