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Cook County Property Tax Appeal Basics


The value of a property is what is used to determine the cost of its taxes. When you file an appeal, you are contesting the value that was previously assigned to your property. 

The appeal process can take anywhere between 6-12 months, depending on when the appeal is received.

What are some reasons to challenge your assessment?

  • The assessor’s market value is higher than the actual market value

  • The assessed value is at a higher percentage of market value for your property than the township or county median level

  • The assessment is based on inaccurate information

  • The assessment is higher than similar neighboring properties

Deadlines, complaint forms, evidence, and rules of practice can vary by County. Required evidence for a formal appeal can include:

  • Property record cards

  • Evidence of unfair assessment

  • Property photographs

  • Property appraisal

  • Evidence of Recent sales of comparable properties

  • Fair market value details

  • Prevailing assessment levels in the respective district

If you would like to read further or need assistance with your tax appeal, visit the full article here:

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